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The vast majority of personal injury cases involve accidents that result in mild to moderate injuries. In most instances, these cases can be settled directly with the insurance companies, avoiding the need for protracted litigation. But if you've suffered a catastrophic injury, the stakes are much higher and the case becomes much more complex.

Often, catastrophic injuries result in the need for extensive, long term medical care and ongoing rehabilitation that can be very costly. For the most severe injuries, you may even require lifelong care, and it's possible that you'll never regain the quality of life you once enjoyed. It's important to work with a lawyer who has the background to handle these challenging cases so that your compensation adequately covers the needs and expenses your family will incur both now and in the future.

The attorneys at Wilson Law, P.A. have made personal injury cases the sole focus of their practice. Kimberly Wilson White has 20 years of litigation experience, and her background includes a Masters in Public Health. This combination provides her with a sophisticated knowledge of the medical issues facing catastrophic injury victims in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and other areas of North Carolina.

The best way to learn about your rights and options after suffering a catastrophic injury is to speak with Kimberly Wilson White in person. Please call 919-890-0180 today to schedule your free consultation at our Raleigh personal injury office.

Experienced Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer - Wilson Law P.A.Kimberly Wilson White have handled a wide range of catastrophic injury cases, including:

These cases require a strong understanding of the medical principles involved, as well as the ability to estimate the cost of damages associated with future medical treatments, daily care (if necessary), and diminished earning capacity. Due to the high stakes associated with these cases, it's crucial that you work with an attorney who is highly experienced at handling catastrophic injury claims.

Why Choose Wilson Law, P.A.

Wilson Law, P.A. has witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by catastrophic personal injuries. They will stand by your side every step of the way to help you get through one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

Over the past two decades, Ms. White has built up an extensive network of experts who will assist with your case and testify on your behalf. Depending on the specifics of your injury, our attorneys may consult with:

  • Medical experts
  • World-renowned surgeons
  • Infectious disease experts
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists

These experts can not only explain the nature of your injuries to a jury in a way that is easy to understand, but they can also help to accurately assess the total extent of your long term damages. This expert testimony is extremely important when seeking to maximize the value of your compensation.

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