Buffy Johnson

Proudly representing Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & nearby areas of North Carolina

Litigation Manager

Buffy is the Litigation Manager at Wilson Law, P.A. and is responsible for the daily work on all cases. She assists the lawyers with various duties including daily communication with our clients, obtaining and reviewing pertinent medical records, and document preparation, as well as preparing our clients for depositions, mediation and trial. Buffy also works closely with our clients and performs detailed reviews of each client’s file to ensure that all financial damages suffered by a client are taken into consideration.


Wilson Law, P.A. has in place many technological advances which Buffy utilizes on a daily basis. Where possible, correspondence with medical providers, clients, opposing parties, and others is sent and received electronically to reduce client costs. All pertinent information received for our clients is uploaded to our cloud-based management program, which allows our attorneys and staff to access information virtually anywhere so the needs of our clients can be addressed in a much quicker fashion.

Buffy encourages her clients to e-mail or call her whenever they have questions. She believes it is her job to keep her clients well informed and explain the nuances of the legal world so each client has a full understanding of their respective claim. Buffy is very focused on client care. She feels each client is a member of our family and takes the client’s problem on as if it were her own. Buffy will always be available to assist our clients with any questions regarding the progress and/or status of their case.

Buffy was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina. Her father was raised on the family’s tobacco farm. He was a proud Vietnam War veteran and ultimately made his living working in the textile industry. Buffy’s mother was raised in Wilson, North Carolina and devoted her career to customer service in various size businesses located in Eastern North Carolina.

Buffy and her husband welcomed their first child in July, 2013. She is a full time mother, wife, and Litigation Manager with Wilson Law, P.A. She currently resides with her husband Eddie, their son Jaxon, and their dog Brinks in Farmville. An early life experience led Buffy to pursue a career in the legal field with a focus on pharmaceutical law after her mother suffered an adverse reaction to a medication.

Buffy obtained her associate’s degree in Paralegal Technology from Pitt Community College in 1994. She was awarded the designation of Certified Paralegal through the National Association for Legal Assistants and Paralegals in 2002. She is also a North Carolina Certified Paralegal as awarded by the North Carolina Bar Association Paralegal Division in 2006. Buffy has 22 years of experience in working on personal injury and medical malpractice cases but has concentrated on mass torts and pharmaceutical litigation for the past 16 years. Specifically, she has handled hundreds of personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, mass tort, and pharmaceutical liability cases in her capacity as a paralegal. Buffy has assisted the attorneys in successful recoveries for our clients against Fortune 500 companies, large trucking companies, and academic medical facilities, as well as numerous insurance, pharmaceutical, and gas companies.

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