The Affordable Care Act How it benefits you right now!

Like it or hate it, The Affordable care Act is now the law of the land. The punditry surrounding the new law makes it difficult to know how or if Obamacare benefits you. At Wilson Law, P.A. we are committed to keeping you informed of your rights as a health care consumer. Here are just a few ways Obamacare benefits you right now:

No more lifetime limits on policies
Before the law, insurance companies could place lifetime limits and even annual limits on what could be spent on your health care. If you were diagnosed with a serious illness that involved high cost treatments, you would be at risk of losing your coverage if you hit the annual or lifetime limit during that time. The Affordable care Act prohibits insurance companies from doing this, so should the worst happen, you do not have to worry about losing your coverage during an already difficult time.

Increased coverage time for children
Full-time jobs with benefits are increasingly difficult to come by in this economy. This leaves many graduates without coverage since they would be dropped from their parents’ plans. Thanks to Obamacare, children are now able to remain on a parent’s health care plan until the age of 26, giving them more time to find a job that can offer suitable coverage.

Preventive care covered with no co-pay or deductible
The best way to stay healthy is to take preventative measures to catch potential illnesses early. Some preventative care services covered under Obamacare with NO co-pays or deductibles include blood pressure screenings, immunizations, and cholesterol screenings. See a complete list here.

Can’t be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions
Insurance companies used to be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, leaving you uninsurable if you were sick or even if you had been sick in the past. The Affordable Care Act disallows insurance companies to do this giving everyone the opportunity to be covered.

Free birth control
All women, no matter what their income level, can plan their families responsibly with access to free birth control. Aside from contraception, there are other preventive services offered to women such as cervical cancer screenings and breast cancer screenings are offered without co-pays or deductibles.

Mental health coverage
All new health care plans are required to offer mental health coverage. Keeping yourself mentally healthy is just as important as your physical well-being. Some preventive mental health services such as depression screenings, are also available through Obamacare with no co-pays or deductibles.

At Wilson Law, P.A., many of our clients seek our help because they are victims of the negligence of others, have suffered a severe personal injury and are in need of medical care. If you are currently uninsured, we encourage you to explore your options at As always, at Wilson Law, P.A. we’re “Standing Up to Them. Standing Up for You.”

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