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In North Carolina, property owners have an obligation to keep their premises safe. They must inspect their property and make repairs to ensure it is in a reasonably safe condition. If property owners find any defects or dangerous conditions, they must warn patrons or visitors of the unsafe conditions. When property owners breach their duties, they may be liable for injuries that occur on their premises.

If you suffered injuries on an unsafe, property, don't hesitate to call (919) 800-0919 to connect with Raleigh premises liability lawyers at Wilson Law, P.A. for a free review of your claim.

Building Your Premises Liability Case

Premises liability claims can be difficult to win in North Carolina because North Carolina utilizes contributory negligence. Contributory negligence is a legal principle which states that if a plaintiff is partially to blame for the injury or accident, any damages the plaintiff recovers will be reduced accordingly.

A broad array of damages may be recovered under premises liability. Generally, plaintiffs can recover damages for:

  • Bodily injury
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional distress
  • Interference with your social and familial relationships
  • Change in your ability to earn money in the future
  • Property damage

Premises Liability Accidents

Accidents can be hazardous, costly, and painful. You want to make sure you have the guidance you need to receive fair compensation for the damages you have endures. Your Raleigh personal injury attorneys at Wilson Law, P.A. have experience with a wide variety of premises liability accidents that can help you in your situation.

Here are common premise liability accidents that you should be aware of:

  • Slip and fall: Common examples of slip and fall scenarios included spilled food or liquid, failure to post warning signs during or after cleaning/mopping, bulging or torn carpet, and excessive application of wax or polish
  • Dangerous sidewalks: Common defects in sidewalks which cause injury include potholes, uneven surfaces, snow and ice, cracks, heaving concrete slabs, depressions, and irregularities in the concrete and drastic change in elevation
  • Dangerous Parking Lots: Inadequate lighting is a common defect in parking lots. Automobile theft and vandalism can occur if there is insufficient lighting in a parking lot.
  • Injuries at Business Establishments: Property owners are also liable for fires, explosions, and other catastrophic events at businesses. Not only can injuries result from the actual fire or explosion, but patrons could be injured during the evacuation.
  • Sexual Assault: The types of sexual assault that could occur at a business establishment or public place range from invasion of privacy to physical assault.

Resolve Your Premise Liability Case Before the Statute Ends

In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for premises liability claims is three years. The statute of limitations begins on the date the injury or accident occurs. Thus, if a premises liability claim is not filed within three years, it is barred forever.

Please contact our Raleigh personal injury attorneys at Wilson Law, P.A. at (919) 800-0919 today to schedule your free premises liability consultation before it's too late.

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