Safest and Smartest Ways to Drive around Big Trucks

Trucks are monster vehicles that can quash most automobiles on the road that come in their way. While truck drivers bear the majority of responsibility for most trucking accidents, you’d do well to become extra cautious yourself when you see a huge multi-wheeler swaying in front of you.

Observing precaution when driving around trucks is not just wise, it’s a necessity. Here are some smart tips on how to keep yourself and your family miles away from trouble when sharing the road with huge trucks.

Keep at Ample Distance from the Vehicle at All Times

Here are some solid reasons why:

• While truck drivers do glance into their rear mirrors from time to time to keep an eye on the vehicles around or catching up to them, bear in mind that their field of visibility is rather narrow. The vehicle is huge and the mirror doesn’t give the driver the entire picture, meaning there are “blind areas” around them. Assuming they must have seen you and overtaking them is therefore dangerous. So is staying too close to them, especially when the weather is not up to it.

 Unfortunately many trucking accidents are on our mind right now, especially the one that took place earlier this month in New York, where an elderly man was mowed down by a Coca Cola truck. This guy was a pedestrian but the same rule applies to anyone who is in the vicinity of trucks, which are essentially big and unpredictable vehicles. You keep as far away from it as you can and act extra cautious around it.

 You also have to take into consideration that the truck in front of you may have to slow down abruptly. Granted this doesn’t happen often but you need to bear it in mind just so. You also don’t know what the truck contains or if the material it’s carrying has been tightly secured. A sudden halt may cause it all to come undone.

 Trucks have a great mass and travel at a fast speed. Together, this makes it difficult for a vehicle of that size to slow down at the same pace as a car. Allow for this momentum to affect how close you can get to a truck before you decide to switch the lane or overtake it.

 Slow down if you can’t see your car in the rear-view mirror of the truck in front of you. You are likely too close to it and in the truck driver’s blind spot.

 If the roads are slippery or conditions are overcast, keep your car at an ample distance from any big vehicle around you.

Slow Down When You See a Truck Backing Up

No point in honking or trying to assume you would sneak past the truck driver smoothly. There are good chances the driver of the big vehicle may not hear you or see you come up from behind, which would put you at the risk of either running into the vehicle or coming close to it.

Do Not Pass Trucks at Intersections

If a truck with a large trailer is about to make a turn, it’s dangerous to be passing alongside it since the long trailer can swerve behind it like the tail of a giant sauropod and whip the lesser vehicles in its wake.

We kid you not.

The trailer may even block your view of the objects in the path on the other side. When approaching an intersection, slow down and let the truck make its turn, keeping yourself away and safe from any blind areas where you might get hit.

Pay Special Attention on Highways

Whether you are a motorcyclist or a motorist, highways are even more dangerous when you have a truck in front of you.

Trucks going at a high speed create currents which can destabilize smaller vehicles. This puts motorcyclists and drivers of smaller cars at a greater risk.


The phrase ‘being hit by a truck’ captures the enormity of such an accident. If you or a loved one has been in this situation, you have our sympathies. Get in touch with any of our personal injury attorneys today for legal counsel and to know your rights. To remain away from trouble, keep these suggestions in mind the next time you see a huge 18-wheeler snaking up the road in front of you.

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