Pedestrian Safety Tips

Walking is a healthy alternative for getting around and more cities are encouraging it to reduce vehicle traffic. Walk Raleigh, a local grassroots effort, even created signs around town showing the amount of miles and estimated time it would take to get to a destination. Walking enables you to see and appreciate your city at a slower pace instead of whizzing by in your car.

According to the Highway Safety Research Center's Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, every year over 2,000 pedestrians in North Carolina are involved in police-reported crashes. Of those 2,000,150, 200 people are killed and 500 people experience serious injuries. At Wilson Law, P.A., your safety is our highest priority. Here are a few tips for avoiding accidents while enjoying a stroll:

● Obey all traffic signals, particularly WALK and DON’T WALK signals.
● When possible, choose places to talk that have sidewalks or paths separated from traffic.
● When planning your route, limit the number of times you must cross the street.
● When crossing the street, make eye-contact with drivers so you know they see you.
● Wear bright-colored clothing or reflective gear.
● When walking at night, carry a flashlight.
● Do not impede traffic by walking or standing in the road.

Pedestrians Have The Right of Way
At crossroads, bicycles and vehicles must yield to pedestrians. They must also yield to pedestrians when turning right at a traffic light. However, it is always safest to exercise caution. As a pedestrian, you stand to sustain more injuries than a person in a vehicle. Stop, look both ways and be sure that drivers and cyclists see you before you cross the street.

There are no laws against jaywalking or crossing at non-intersections in NC, but making your best effort to cross the street at the crosswalk or at a corner decreases your chances of being involved in an accident. Also, if you choose to cross outside of an intersection, pedestrians are expected to yield to vehicles instead of the other way around.

Wilson Law, P.A. Is Here For You
Even if you follow all the laws and safety tips, pedestrians can easily fall victim to careless drivers. If you have been hurt in a car accident, please contact Wilson Law, P.A. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are on your side and will help you get the justice you deserve.

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