Safe Driving Apps That You Should Know About

Distracted driving, caused in no small part by our endless fascination with our phones, is the second most common cause for car accidents in this country.

Fortunately, phones can also be lifesavers. A number of apps are available in the market to help responsible drivers be safer on the roads. We are bringing to you pick of these apps, though we are neither endorsing nor recommending any.

How well an app works for you would depend entirely on your intention to drive safely. No one but you can bring that intention into place but the apps here can certainly help you with it.
This could be a helpful app for those who simply can’t bring themselves to part from their phone, even when in the driver’s seat. If your state allows hands-free driving (North Carolina does) you could consider installing this app to your iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows device. reads out your incoming text messages and gives you the choice to respond to them without touching your phone.

Some of the newer phones come built with this capability. If you own such a smartphone, enable this feature to help you focus on the road and not on your mobile device when driving.

AT&T Drive Mode
Those on the AT&T network must make use of this free app. AT&T Drive Mode when turned on silences all the incoming messages and alerts. SMS messages cannot be sent and incoming calls go directly to your voicemail, keeping your phone-related distractions to a minimum. The app kicks into action when it senses the vehicle moving at a speed higher than 25mph and switches off when the vehicle has come to a standstill.

Those on the Sprint network with Android devices can look to the Sprint Drive First app to help them drive safely. The app is free if you are on Sprint but others can access it too. It presentsa number of restrictions that you can put in place if you are too highly conditioned to answering your phone each time it buzzes.

As the name suggests, this is specifically aimed at those who are addicted to texting. So you are waiting at the red light and the urge to check your phone for the latest updates arises. You know you shouldn’t be doing it as even a moment’s distraction can prove dangerous, but that’s the problem with not being able to help oneself.

Live2text blocks incoming texts on Android phones when you are in a situation where you’d rather not be distracted. This could include being behind the wheel but can equally apply to when you are in a meeting, at the gym, are studying, or doing any task that requires you to focus.

Teenagers are among the most reckless drivers and hence also the ones most prone to accidents.

If as parents you worry about your teenage kids running into trouble when driving, you may want to give this app a thought.

On sensing a vehicle moving at a speed higher than 10mph, TeenSafer locks the phone. No incoming calls, push notifications, or text messages to distract the driver. Only outbound calls can be made in this mode and that too only to preset emergency numbers.

As a parent you will have to be the ‘administrator’ and set the controls in the phone. You can also have it so that you are notified via SMS when your teen exceeds the specified speed limit, as well as learn of their current location. You can control the settings, and even unblock the phone, remotely.

It does sound a bit highhanded and your teen is unlikely to be happy about it. But it’s a choice that you have.

The same company also offers Fleet Safer, which is aimed at businesses to ensure safe driving and transporting for their employees.

DriveSafe Mode is another option for parents looking to control their teens’ driving habits.

Small steps can take you far when you are aware of the problem and want to work on solving it. Give any of these apps a try and find out for yourself if they make a positive difference to your daily commute. We are pretty sure they will. But if something goes wrong despite your best efforts, you know our car accident attorneys are only a phone call away.

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