What You Can Do to Preserve Justice

Last week we discussed how Tort Reform punishes victims, limits access to courts and only serves to benefit the rich and powerful. We hope you will join Wilson Law, P.A. in the fight against Tort Reform. As personal injury attorneys, we do not want any government legislation to stand between you and your right to receive justice when you’ve been hurt in an accident that was not your fault. Here are a few ideas on how you can help keep our courts free and accessible:

Find your state representatives and research their voting history on Tort Reform. If you can’t find out, or if their voting history on Tort Reform is spotty, ask. Donate money or campaign for political candidates who oppose it – their “nay” vote on Tort Reform is key to keeping our courts open and accessible to all citizens.

Donate money or get involved in consumer advocacy organizations that protect the civil justice system by opposing and fighting Tort Reform efforts. Such organizations include Public Citizen,The American Association for Justice, or National Association of Consumer Advocates.

Let your voice be heard
Write, email and call your congressional representatives and let them know you oppose any legislation restricting access to a courtroom or limits on monetary compensation for the wrongdoing of others.

When Tort Reform is discussed publicly or privately, arm yourself with information and be ready with the facts about Tort Reform and how it hurts the average citizen.

Educate yourself, educate others
Let your friends and family know where you stand on this issue. Social media is a great way to let people know how important it is to protect the civil justice system. When Tort Reform legislation is being discussed in congress at the state or federal level, take to Facebook, Twitter or your personal blog to encourage your peers to read and understand how Tort Reform hurts average American citizens. Keep yourself informed by following this blog or others like it. The blog on lawyers.com is also a good resource. Like, share and comment on articles and blogs about Tort Reform to increase the reach of the message.

Keep a close eye on the other side too. Organizations that are pro-Tort Reform often have deceptively pro-patriotic names. Examples include Institute for Legal ReformAmerican Tort Reform Association, Civil Justice Reform Group and Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. These groups go out of their way to appeal to ordinary, hard-working individuals in an effort to convince them that they are being financially hurt by frivolous lawsuits. These groups are financially backed by Fortune 500 companies and the Chamber of Commerce. These groups are pro-big business and big profits and anti-accountability. Don’t be fooled by the superficial message.

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