Super Useful Car Safety Devices You Must Consider

We love going on and on about how to help fellow drivers so that instead of driving being a frustrating and stressful activity, you are able to get from point A to point B without any incidents whatsoever, fresh and energetic.

In a previous post we looked at apps aimed at helping drivers during their time behind the wheel, we now look at the devices you can equip your car with to aid you in your driving. These will keep you safe and out of trouble.

With the holiday season not too far now, you might want to actively consider getting one of these or gifting them to your loved ones.

1. Texting Disabler

A number of apps disable texting when driving, but this product goes a step further. It’s an ignition interlock system which doesn’t let the car start unless you insert your phone into it. Once connected, the phone is out of reach for you, so even if you wanted to you couldn’t text. You can, however, take phone calls hands-free.

It’s an excellent way for parents to prevent their teen children from fiddling with their phones while driving. In fact, anyone who finds it difficult to keep their phone away when driving would find this useful.

2. Parking Assist

Finding a parking space and parking your car in a perfect parallel fashion, without hitting other vehicles in the process — that is something many of us struggle with.

Instead of wasting your precious minutes in the morning struggling to squeeze into a parallel space, and not being able to get it right in the first few attempts, go for the parking assist technology which effectively makes a car park itself even in the tightest of spaces.

Hands-free parking has been reality for a few years now. If you struggle with parking, or know someone who does, gift them this technology and they might just love you for it.

There are a number of self-parking cars available in the market. But if yours is an old model or a used car which doesn’t have this feature, it’s worth installing. Beware though it may not integrate well with all the models, so ensure yours is compatible with the system you are buying in order not to get disappointed.

3. Back-up Cameras

This is another super useful feature to help avert accidents when you are backing up your car, and make driving safer and stress-free. A number of new models come installed with back-up cameras, and the US government has decided to make it mandatory in all cars by 2018. The reasoning being that back-up accidents cause 210 fatalities each year, 31% of which are kids less than five years old.

But there’s no need for you to wait for another four years.

Also known as rear-view cameras, they show you on your dashboard monitor the view captured by the camera mounted at the back of the car. This feed gives you a proper and wider view of the rear which helps prevent you crashing into something or accidentally knocking someone down because they were out of your field of vision.

This would be especially useful for those with limited mobility or spinal cord problems that prevent them from turning around beyond a point.

4. Blind Spot Monitor

So that you don’t inadvertently bump into another car while changing lanes this technology senses a vehicle approaching from behind, or about to pass you by the side, and beeps or flashes to prevent you from switching lanes until it’s safe to do so.

The technology provides you with a 360-degree detection to keep you safe and on track.

You will appreciate this the most when cruising on a highway lost in your own thoughts, or when your visibility is compromised and you can’t see vehicles pulling up alongside you.

Along with adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning this technology can keep you safe and for miles and miles.


Nothing can make up for a lack of carefulness on your part but these devices will help if you are already committed to driving responsibly and keeping yourself and others out of trouble.

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