What is Subrogation? Attorney Marc C. Downing Answers

Subrogation can have substantial impact on any potential compensation for your personal injury.  Subrogation enables your insurance provider (“insurer”) to recoup all money it was forced to pay because of the actions of a third party.  Thus, due to subrogation, individuals injured through no fault of their own are oftentimes still required to reimburse their insurer for any medical treatment stemming from these injuries.  An insurer can only subrogate if your plan contains provisions/language enabling it do so, but the majority of plans include the right to subrogate.   

To recoup their money, your insurer will usually assert a lien against you personally, thereby requiring you to repay them immediately upon receiving any settlement money from the at-fault party.  As you can imagine, subrogation can substantially reduce any potential recovery.  Making matters worse, many people injured by another’s negligence are blindsided by this financial obligation because they are focused on recovering, overwhelmed by the stress of personal injury or unaware that subrogation even exists.  For these reasons, it is important for you to retain a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights and to negotiate with your insurer to lower any subrogation lien.

At Wilson Law, P.A. we’ve negotiated literally thousands of liens on behalf of our clients.  We understand the hardships associated with being injured through no fault of your own, and negotiating liens is just one component of the representation we provide to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Marc is an Associate Attorney at Wilson Law, P.A.  The best way to learn about your rights and options after suffering a serious personal injury is to speak with an attorney in person.  Please contact Wilson Law, P.A. using the form or call (919) 800-0919 today to schedule your free personal injury consultation.


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